Saturday, October 24, 2009

Welcome Diva's.......

Welcome to my page!!!
This will be the first of very many posts by myself, Ashe. I am a self proclaimed Diva, and Shopping Queen!!
This blog is geared towards plus-sized beauty. I am a HAPPY size 16 and decided to put this blog together to help all Diva's in finding fashionable clothing. Not only will I show my must haves in style but I'll be sure to include everything that makes us feel beautiful from skin care products, beauty products etc.
There are sooooo many blogs on the internet geared to women of all sizes, and I love so many. I will include links to all my faves on here, but I wanted to share the things I love. This is not to compete to be better than anyone, this is just to broaden on the ideas out there, with as many blogs out there, there are as many different women and with very different styles.
I hope you enjoy Fierce & Fabulous Diva (A.K.A FNF) Keep checking back as I learn this new world of blogging, and don't be shy to drop me a line........

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